Acelino "Popo" Freitas Vs Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz, Who will win this upcoming fight ?

I didnt realise this fight had been made, what a great match up, i would say the best two Lightweights around at the minute, cant wait for this one, i thought Popo had retired or something i hadnt heard of him for that long. The Baby Bull has got his work cut out in this one, i cant think of a harder fight for him to take, fair play to him i wish some of the other so called champs would take a leaf out of his book and look for the hardest fights.


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Frank D ~
In my opinion, Acelino will be just a bit much for Juan. This isn't going to be walk through the park for either one of these fighters. Juan gets hit a little too much for my liking and he really doesn't shoot any angles when coming in. Juan has a decent left-hook straight right hand combo that he does extremely well.

Acelino does move around the ring rather well and besides him quitting against Diego Corrales he has had a pretty stellar career. I think that he hits the harder of the two and Juan's limited head movement will play right into Acelinos game plan of in and out.

There's one thing that Team Freitas must work on before he gets in the ring the Baby Bull and that is stop stepping back with his head straight up in the air. If he does this he will be countered by a straight right that will drop him.

Acelino will stop Diaz in the 11th round. Thanks for the question Frank.

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I think this fight was made when a proposed rematch between Frietas and Joel Cassamayor fell through. Lucky for us boxing fans! Because this is going a much better fight and this one can go either way. Tough one to pick, but i'm going to go with Diaz in an all out action fight. Diaz wins a 12 round war where both men may visit the canvas.

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I am going with Diaz on this one. Popo will be dangerous early in the fight, but I think that as the rounds go Diaz will start to out work Freitas and get a decision win. Diaz will still have to be careful of Popo power through out the fight.

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Diaz, he's younger, faster, stronger and from HOUSTON!

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Dude, this is a great fight! Gotta go with Freitas, too strong! Diaz has no defense and takes too many shots, and that's bad against a hard puncher like Freitas. Freitas will ko Diaz in round 4 of a barn burner!

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Freitas is the stronger puncher age shouldn't matter Freitas by KO or decision.

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Diaz has been the more active fighter, and rust is a dangerous thing. I remember Camacho's TKO of Ray Leonard, it was the result of an active Camacho (6 or 8 fights that year) knocking off the rust for Ray. Freitas may suffer the same result with Diaz, either way it's gonna be a good one.

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Assuming a years inactivity hasent affected him too much i recon Freitas will have too much class and experience for Diaz, great fight though.

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