Aimir Khan, I think he is still amateur-ish, What do you think?

Will he win a world Title?


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I have his complete fights on DVD and find his form getting better, at the moment he still has a long way to go, I have no doubt that he will win some form of a world title, theres many to choose from, I dont think he's amateurish, but young and learning

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Aamir Khan u mean? Yes perhaps

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he is amateurish but not forgetting he hasn't been in this industry for very long in comparison to other fighters who have won titles. But i wouldn't put it pass him, he's doing very well considering his age, and he's got the determination, so i wouldn't put it pass it...i think he may be able to at least go for a world title and maybe even win.

Kessler, this man is class, he won every round without question, Calzaghe has to be next surely ?

Yes Amir Khan will win a world Title & many of them in his proffesional career.

He is still only 19.

No he is not amatuerish as you so call him.

Reading your other STUPID posts on here you know nothing about the art of boxing I think & I think that many other people who answer your question will agree with me.

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He is a young fighter setting out on his career these are learning fights

Amir Khan will not fight for a title until he is ready his promoters are picking his fights

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I think he needs an opponent who will actually throw a punch against him in order for us to see what he really is. Don't get me wrong, he is a great boxer for 1 so young, but as Audley a-force found out, you need to progress in every fight, not be knocking over the same poor class of fighter every 2 months. The fighter tonight only threw 1 proper punch in the first 4 minutes, compare that to Joe calzagi who threw about 400.

He needs to beat the best, not people as bad as we would be in the ring, Mick

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I don't think he is amateurish but winning a championship in the lightweight division will be a very had task. That division is loaded with talent. I think he will have to wait a couple years or more before it would be wise to attempt to win a championship.

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i think he might go on to something big but he needs more fights to prepare himself and become more able to go for the title i think his promoter should give him a bit of a chalenge and put him in the ring with someone who will hit him back hard as he dont seem to be used to it plus hel only get a big head if all his fight hes wins by TKO in the first few rounds give him a reality check and a better apponante please he needs to be put down to actually get better dont ya think

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He will win a world title in about 18 months, he is still learning and Frank Warren is doing the right thing by holding him back.

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Yes,he could also do with learning some manners,there are whisperings from his home town that he is not a very nice person!

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