1985 Donald Curry vs. 1989 Julio Cesar Chavez. Who wins?

Question:Catch weight of 145.

Is Curry just too big and fast? Or would Chavez break his will in half like Lloyd Honeyghan did a year later? This was before Chavez got a case of the quits.

Just an odd hypothetical fight that struck me as interesting.

I guess I would go with Curry pulling away to win a 116-112 type of decision.


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Something happen to Curry when he fought Honeyghan.He was unstoppable before that fight.He shouldn't have lost that fight.
I say both of them at there peaks,I would go with Curry because of his size.

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i think chavez wins knockout

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chavez hands down... no ifs, ands, or buts

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Chavez was no welter. Curry was bigger, stronger, faster and a better boxer. Chavez is pound for pound the far greater fighter, but Curry would kill him at 147. This fight is a mismatch. Curry by mid rounds tko. No contest.

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Curry too big. JCC of '89 too small to be competitive with Curry. Although Chavez would have his moments in this fight due to his greatness. Curry by decision.

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I'm going with cesar chavez- didn't he help immigration rights in grape fields or something? Passion- that's passion- passion always wins!! ;) Mornin kermie *smooch*

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Curry at the top of his game was too big and strong for Chavez who was probably a better fighter pound for pound. At welter Curry would be too much.

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Chavez was an all time great no doubt about it but so was Donald Curry. Many forget he was undisputed Welterweight Champ in the mid-80s and for awhile was, hand in hand with Marvelous Marvin Hagler, pound for pound the best in the business. Chavez had a long career, toward the end he was mediocre, moved up too much in weight, and yet is still remembered of fondly. When Curry did it, he was forgotten (although he did win the WBC 154 lb title in 1988). probably the biggest reason is Chavez just had a much bigger fan base. Curry was much the slicker, faster, bigger fighter. He was the size of De La Hoya but stronger and quicker. If fought at 145, no doubt in my mind, Donald Curry would get Chavez out of there in 4-5 rounds tops. Watch some footage if you can of Curry on youtube. You should be impressed. He would have annhilated De La Hoya.

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People will say Chavez becuase of name recognition, but Curry is just to physically good for him, especially with chavez losing some will (all the quiting) in the end

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Chavez wins by knockout or decision but he wins.

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This match is a mismatch. Now correct me if I am wrong did Chavez fight for the title at 147 twice and loss both times(De La Hoya lost by KO and lost to Whitaker- screw that draw decision.) At 147 Donald Curry was outstanding at his prime unified the 147lb division championships. Curry was to big, stronger, and quicker than Chavez. Curry TKO by 8.

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Donald Curry would win by mid-fight stoppage.

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