Americans.What is your take on...??

Nigel Benn..The U.K's Dark Destroyer.The man who ended the carrer of Gerald McClennan...Did America ever give him the credit he so richly deserved for his heriocs in the ring and im not talking soley about the McClennan fight..I would like your opinions..


Where can i see the mayweather- de la hoya fight in china or thailand?

Steve ~
Blogbaba and I were just discussing Benn's fight with Gerald. No fighter is complete until he/she crosses the pond. I'm a American and I acknowledged Benn as a tough, tough fighter. I can't speak for my fellow Americans though. Benn is/was somewhat like what Calzaghe is now "Great" by British standards but America is the Worlds Stage. Hopefully Joe will do like Ricky and realize Great here is a whole lot different than "Great" there.

Benn is in the top 100 but not the top 50. Thanks for the question Steve

De la hoya or merryweather who's gonna win?

Obviously not cause I've never heard of him.

What was the best Fight you ever got into... NOT VERBAL, I WANT PUNCHES THROWN lollll?

Never heard of him.

Ricky Hatton Vs Junior Witter?

A excellent champion who seems to have done what many British Champions do. Not take the hop across the pond to fight the deeper talent pool in the U.S.

Can a brain damaged person do professional boxing?

I considered Benn a tough durable fighter, even a fringe contender who would have given any of the talent of his day a good scrap. I never considered him close to the elite level, and rank him overall as good, but not great. A freak accidental clash of heads ended the McClellen fight, not Benn's boxing ability. Nigel himself will tell you he was over matched against Gerald and in the toughest fight of his life. By British standards Benn may have dominated, but by American standards he was tough and respectable but far from dominant.

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