Am I on Steriods?

My friend works at GNC. They get returns often, things that were never used, just bought and returned. I have been taking alot of whey protein, eating better, started working out hard core... but I also take this shet called "Secretagogue-One". It's retail is $90 for 1 month's worth, but again, I get it free. This says that I am to take it before sleep. I have read waking up is the best time to work out, because your body heals in sleep, thus boosting your HGH's. This suppliments your HGH's. I used to take dehydroepianosterone, but they banned it in most stores. I love being fast and strong, but do not want any 'roids. Do you know anything about this? And I gaining weight, strength, and speed, do to "drugs". Or is it perhaps increased work outs and increased eating?


Anyone else think that DE LA HOYA should have won?

check your ingredients- a good hgh releaser is going to be nothing but amino acids.
Amino acids are not steroids , but naturally occur in the body- when you are deficient oyur body and brain do not function as efficiently. A reputable HGH releaser is simply a complex of amino acids that stimulate your body to produce HGH on its own and you will notice marked improvements in performance and function.
Send me the list of ingredients and I can help you with exactly what you are taking.
I use a product called sytropin and am not familiar with the one you mentioned so a list of ingredients would be helpful.

What exactly is the "button"??

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For the people who watch the Contender Season 2 who do yall think will win it all?

yes you should be dead by the age of 38...enjoy.

I always love boxing,but don't want to be one, what is the procedure to be a timekeeper?


Floyd WON! S/D?

You can get fast and strong without any of that garbage from GNC. Check to see if any of that stuff is regulated by the FDA. Most is not...and there is not enough testing done to find out what side effects come from popping your pills.

That is, unless you desire a shrinking penis and back that case, fire away!

I need a startegy ,,, im 12 and this guy is 13?

Doubt it or would not be legal to sell OTC. And I can guarantee it does not "supplement HGH" because nothing does or one of my many Drs would have told me to take it (my pituitary does not make GH).

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No clue.

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