Ali frazier signed boxing glove. how do i find out if genuine even with cert of auth.?

certificate and glove have 3d sticker with MVP1644 on them, is this real? how do i find out?


Is mike Tyson really a female in disguise... he sounds like a tranny?

The ONLY way to be sure the signature is authentic is to watch the party sign it. With all the fraud in sports collectibles, you can't trust anything unless you actually watch as they sign your piece. Any other way you have to believe a person dealing in an area where cons are more common then the truth.

The reason con artists get into this area is it is difficult to prove decisively whether they are lying.

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Call Ali to verify. 867-5309

"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler vs Roy Jones Jr. (Middleweight Division), Who wins?

Find out the details of the glove and where the glove was used what ALI/Frazier bout, I think they fought 3 times. then try to locate someone who was a lot younger than average but may have seen it first hand , they may have witnessed the signing.

this will take effort no matter how you crack it.

Muhammad Ali?

Hi the only people that can verify the signatures are the boxers or a writing expert.Have you tried putting a search in google.Good Luck

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