Amatuer Boxing Help?

What is the youngest age for amatuer boxers in Missouri?


Are any sports bars in Harrisburg, PA carrying the De La Hoya - Mayweather fight on May 5, 2007?

There is no official youngest age for boxers anywhere, the problem would only be finding the competition. The youngest boxers in junior olympics and silver gloves tournaments are usually 8 or nine years old

Info on Felix Trinidad's Childhood?

You have to be eight years old to fight as an amatuer in the US.

Can the same thing that happened to Trinidad happen to De la Hoya?

I am not completly sure. I believe 7. But there are many sources for this. If you are looking for a center. Contact me. I think I might be able to find you a USA amature team.
I noticed several people had been looking for an amateur boxing team or program in there area. I thought I would post ours here in Arkansas just in case someone was looking here. We are non-profit. It wont cost you a thing. Glad to help or email

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