Am i to old to start boxing 41?


Michael Moorer vs Antonio Tarver at 175lbs? Its often overlooked how good Moorer was at 175.?


Boxing Qestion?

Only if you want to make money at it.

How can I train to become a boxer?

No, Just look at Theodore Roosevelt

Is boxing a good way to get fit?

no, just imagine you will be pro when you're 80

Who do you go for in the fight? De la hoya or Mayweather?

no way! look at sylvester stallone and how old he is, hes older than 1 and hes making boxing movies still!
stick in as it is a very good way to keep fit.

What side is a boxers blind side, and for what reason?

Certainly not!
Unless your wanting to go pro!
There are men at the age of 50 who are just as fit and able as 30 year olds.
If you are dedicated and enjoy it, why not?

Are there famous female boxers?

If you really want to, and you're in shape, or can train yourself into shape, go for it.

I am an amatuer boxer and am a southpaw fighter, but have a not so strong cross(left hand) wat should i do?

NO u never too old or too young for anything! everything has its own time!!good luck!!!freedom!!!!

Which fighters would knock out Cory Spinks?

No your not to old to start but lets be realistic, your not gonna be able to go pro.

Who won in the Morales-Paquiao Nov. 18, 2006 fight in Las Vegas?

personally i think its never too old to start anythin but many boxers retire in there late 30's.

Has kimbo fought any recent fights ..was the gannon fight his last..has gannon fought anybody else?

well for conditioning reasons and to get in shape no. now if your thinking about pulling a rocky balboa then i would say yes...

Can boxers be held liable when their opponents are badly injured in a boxing match?

Yes you are to old & I do not think that you will be granted a license at your age.

Manny Pacquiao or Eric Morales?

Is this a serious question?

Your too old to fight competively as an amateur, 35 yrs is deadline here in Ireland,
Can I ask why you want to start boxing?
If its to fight my opinion is yes,
But if its to get involved and train etc etc, Go for it and best of luck

What is the best division in boxing today?

no chance slow reflexs,younger opponents,need amateur experience and fitness level is never the same as a younger hungry fighter.Unless you are something really special,use boxing to keep fit.

I get sick of the question "Ali vs Tyson". It's obvious. So here's a little twist, Ali-Tyson street fight

yes,if it is for competition, but if it for exercise and some sparring with the proper safety gadgets then it is ok

Who was the first black man to referee a heavyweight title fight?

If Big George can do it so can you, but then again not all of us can hit like George, so be careful.

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