Any boxers out there who is a better fighter mike tyson or stone cold steve austion?


Ezzard Charles vs Michael Spinks. Who would win?

Mike Tyson in his prime would have had Steve Austin knocked out flat in less than 2 rounds. Easily.

Professional BOXING?

Don't forget about Muhammad Ali, and plus Steve isn't really a boxer.

Is it wrong for a girl to box???

wrestling is fake and just because he is strong doesn't mean he could be mike tyson.

Who has the longest professional boxing career record?

Mike Tyson is a boxer a fighter.Steve Austin is an actor, wrestling is not real, come on you should know that.

Where to download pacquiao - solis fight video?


Wrestlers on WWF are a huge joke! They would die at the first punch any amateur boxer throw at them.

*Do ninjas dip their egg rolls in applesauce?*?

Mike Tyson would have knocked out Stone Cold Steve Austin in record time. Austin would probably run out of the ring into the dressing room. Wrestling is a fake.

Is Mike Tyson, really retarded. I bet someone he was not.?


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