Any boxing advice, or tips need as much info as i can get?

hurry and answer if you can, i need all the info before tommorow and i won't get it knocked out of my head if you tell me some techniques or tricks to moving, how does Muhammad Ali move so fast


Hatton or cotto?

hit your opponent hard and often

Does anyone know who was the most important person in jack johnson's (the boxer)life?

Try not to get hit. :-)

Tyson vs. Tua! Who wins?

If you don't have skills...the only advice I can give you is 'don't box'
You're not going to learn anything by reading it. You do it, or you don't.

We have no idea what your skill level is, or your style. Southpaw? Your opponent? Weightclass? Division? Headgear? Glove size? A lot of factors, and you haven't provided us with any info.

PS. I am a former boxer.

Who is the best?

Ali had a lot of practice under his belt. One tip is to not extend your arm during the left hook, use your hip. Keep your guards up and good luck!

Whats going on with Tommy Morrison?

If you have that many questions, just do it. Make sure someone has video of it. Go over it time and time again with whoever you are having as your trainer, and win, lose, or draw, they will have advice for you.

No one on this site can tell you what to do. None of us know who you are, what class you are in, what your style is, etc, etc. Shoot, we don't even know if you box right handed or left.

I have a friend of mine at work whose son is in MMA. He just does it. Most of the time he wins, but there has been the time or two where he has had his *** handed to him.

I will take a guess that this is your first fight. All I can tell you is "Good hunting". In the Air Force, you never tell your fighter pilots "Good luck" before a mission. You tell them "Good hunting". Luck is not a factor. Be better than your opponent.

Good hunting.

How to put up a BOXING GYM?

Keep your hands around your cheek, with you forearms at as straight up and down as possible to catch a lot of the punches. While doing this, keep your chin tucked and you will notice that you your guard will actually form a frame of vision for you. If they are a southpaw , keep moving to your left, if orthodox, to your right. Always dip after a hook and remember to move your head. If you have a reach advantage, use your jab to find distance and keep your opponent off of you. If they let you get away with it, keep it out there and the second they get in punching range, let your 2 fly and then get out. Utilize the ring. Stay out of the center of the ring..keep moving. This is really all I can offer without knowing any of your strengths as a fighter.

The best boxing answerer on this forum is?

if you need tips that bad please stay out of boxing, have you seen what boxing did to muhammad. get real!

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