How do you get an amature boxing record?

Do you just box at local clubs? or what? and also how do you get a pro record, are there still people that are like 35 years old with amature record?


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your passbook gets signed by someone (judges or commisioner).thats how they can tell if you are a novice with less than 10 fights, or an open fighter 10 or more fights.

I Do Not Understand!?

your ametuer record comes from fighting at accredited amaetuer bouts - not just a fight out the back of a pub or in a nightclub; the bouts need to be registered with the approppriate governing bodies. some guys never go pro (that it, prefessional, as in getting paid) and so never get a pro record. I have known guys in Australia to go pro with less than 10 ametuer fights under their belts while other guys have over 50-60 ametuer fights to their name. In Japan, it isn't uncommon for guys to have more than this. I'm sure its the same everywhere - it just depends on the fighter and the trainer, what motivates them t fight.

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you get both records the same way by fighting in sanction bouts by the governing body's of each group and yes you can be and armature at 35 years old so go get,em good luck

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