A new boxing technology is described. How do you think it might effect the sport? Good or bad?

Question:I have helped develop a technology for boxing gloves that will provide the force of each hit instantly to ringside. We are currently displaying this as a graphic on the TV screen as well as providing instant statistics to the ringside announcers. It allows us to see how much "punishment" a boxer absorbed for a single punch, a round, or a match.

I think it will make the sport more interesting, safer, and insure the integrity of the sport is maintained. But I would like to know if true fans of the sports agree or disagree. Thank you.


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I think it will definitely be interesting. And yes, much safer. But, w/ that said I am for safety. And we need to improve on specific levels but... There are a lot of noisy,trouble making folks trying to make a name (in a government seat) that have made allot of trouble for the sweet science. I am afraid this might be a tool for them to make havoc again and again. All and all.. Maybe the interesting aspect will make it more difficult for these so and so's to have there unaccountable claims and protests.

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Remember when boxing fans used to rap off about how a boxer could kick a martial artist's azz?

"Punishment" is relative to each boxer. Some can absorb a lot more than others.
Take a look at Rocky Marciano, Bobby Czyz.
On the other hand, Louis Monaco, as muscular as he was, would get kayoed quite easily by any heavyweight with a decent uppercut or right cross.
Your gizmo would only serve to complicate the sport.
Instead, the boxing commission should fix how judges score fights, and keep tabs on good refs & bad refs.

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