About boxing sport ?!?

iam 15 years old...iam intersted in boxing so can i start or its too late for me start ... ??


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Most start at 20, so you're find.

You can start almost anything at any age, 15 is a good age to start, many pro boxers start late, most however, have long and successful amateur careers and start very young, but there is no rule as to when you start and how good you will be, you might be a natural!

The best preparation for joining a boxing club is firstly, cardio- run run run! many boxing clubs do a run before they start the training session itself. Skipping is also great for cardio and footwork. Avoid heavy weights for the start- they will stiffen you up and slow you down. Good old press ups/push ups and basic body weight exercises will give you a decent balance between strength and endurance for starting out. Join a boxing gym just take it easy at first, if its a decent club i guarantee you will love it.

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No defiantly no. I boxed in the army, at 18yrs, and you have another 18-20yrs, Good look , expect some disappointments to start, but keep to it

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nope, when ur 17, 18, its late but still can be done, im 23 its way too late for me. but u your a good age too start, the real question is do u have the heart??

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Osama ~
Most boxers do not start in their twenties, that's a ridiculous statement. There is no age when you should start. There have been boxers who started when they were eight years old like Shane Mosley and there have been boxers who started in the late twenties.

I'd write to you that you're the perfect age to start boxing, it all depends on how much heart you have. This sport isn't like watching a Rocky movie. There's a lot of pain involved with even more sacrifices.

Make sure you get yourself to a Boxing Gym, stay away from Health Clubs that offer Boxing Instruction those places have complete idiots as "Trainers" Find yourself a gym and get yourself a trainer and you'll be on your way to be the very best that you can be.

Thanks for the question and good luck Osama, think of a different name.

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