Aaron Pryor vs Meldrick Taylor (pre-Chavez I), who wins?


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This is a very interesting match! Aaron Pryor was one of the most unorthodox fighters throwing punches from all angles while Taylor had very quick hands and good footwork. I believe that Pryor would keep the pressure on Taylotr and knock him out in 11 rounds! Good question!

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Aaron Pryor but only with the special drink he always used in the big fights.

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Aaron Pryor was beyond the superior fighter and Meldrick was a superior fighter

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Pryor was perpetual motion. I don't think Taylor would have been able to deal with that. Pryor wins in a KO in the 10th round.

Who do you thinks gonna win?

Pryor was very underrated, fought better competition--Arguello etc.--I'd choose him.

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Aaron Pryor. Unless you had a punch, you'd find it very hard to trouble the hawk because of his intensity and high volume work rate. The hawk, he'd be just too good.

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Aaron Pryor TKO round 8

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