Ali (clay) vs liston?

anyone know a link to the first fight, man ive never seen the whole thing, or a video clip of his post fight talkin, i shook up the world


I keep spraining my right wrist when practicing on a punching bag, what am i doing wrong?

When is valuev's next fight?

Look for this fight on ESPN Classic.

Who would win in a twelve round boxing match ...?

A friend of mine found it through eMule. You could try that.

Thanks to Santana's well written answer, Pernell Whitaker vs.?

If you want to watch the first Ali fight he was Cassius Clay at the time with Sonny Liston download the fight from movie downloaders like Lime wire. You can get the downloader at and become a member at a small rate and download the downloader. then put up the option boxing in it and you will have the fight on the board and just download the clip. It was a 50 seconds fight with Ali knocking him down in first round.

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