Antonio Tarver vs Tommy Morrison, battle of Rocky's opponents in real life. Who takes this one?


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Tarver's closer to his prime than Morrison is, but Tommy's strength was never really his speed or his defense - it was his power. And power, as Foreman proves, is the LAST thing to go. Tarver might be able to avoid punches for a while, but in the end, he's the much smaller fighter. He'd be giving up a lot of weight to Morrison, and that would make the difference in the end. Morrison, 7th round KO.

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Tarver would. Morrison should be allowed to fight. Isn't he trying to fight in a state that doesn't require blood test? I know I would lace up against him and less I saw the blood test prove the reports were wrong.

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Tommy Morrison was a contender. Antonio Tarver landed one lucky punch on a old roy jones. Who else has tarver beaten?

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tarver can't fight heavyweights..he can barely fight light heavyweights...Morrison would annihilate tarver

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In my opinion Tarver is overrated. He got a lucky punch on an aging Roy Jones Jr. Thats that. Morrison in his day was more of a well rounded fighter compared to Tarver, and because of pure size i'd give it to Tommy. But it would be a close fight. Probably not too much action going on.

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Antonio Tarver is a great boxer but Tommy Morrison is oen fo the most underrated heavyweights of all time. He has a murderous left hook and always comes into fights in great shape.

He may be 39 or so but I think he has a legitimate shot at winning a share of the title one more time before he's through.

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