Ali vs joe luis who would win and whos #1?

i say ali but some say joe what do you say


Ricky Hatton Vs. Emanuel Augustus?

These guys are too close to call. I think that Louis would have the power edge, Ali the movement. Ali by decision. Ali would want this fight before his lay off otherwise it is Joe.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Aaron Pryor who wins?

Ali for sure

Is there any fighter more overrated than John Ruiz?

Ali in his prime.

Was Jim Jeffries truly a racist?

The promoters would win

Where can I watch the De La Hoya fight online for free?

Joe,Ali is good and all but Joe has the endurance for a long fight..


I'm not a Ali fan, but he was hands down the best ever.

Boxing Shoes?

What about Rocky Graciano.

Best gear for an beginner boxer?


Controversial boxing matches?

Ali on smarts alone. he out smarted his opponent in every fight.
Joe Frazier, stronger tougher
George Foreman, stronger younger

Ali is not the best athlete of all time, he is the best human who happened to box a little, of all time!!

Boxing heading for the toilet?

Not even close. Ali.

Look at the stats: Ali : 6"3 225 pounds 80' reach
Louis 6"2 208 pounds 76' reach

Whos is going to win tonights boxing match?Juan Manuel Marquez or Marco Antonio Barrera??

I strongly think Mohammad Ali will win

Mickey Walker vs Carmen Basillio. Who wins?


The Mexican Jose Luis Castillo VS Hatton?


Who would win in a fight between dylan and chris?

Man give me a break ALI !!!!

Why is pacquiao a better boxer than morales?

ALI - W 56 (KO's 37) TF 61 - W pct 92% - KO 61% - wins over Frazier{2}, Liston[2], Ellis, Bonavena, Norton, Chuvalo, Patterson{2} and Foreman - KO'ed by Holmes (Ali was 40) - #3 ranked fighter
Greatest chin ever, add will and heart
Won 1960 Olympic Gold medal at Lt Hwy wt
Great boxing skill and athletic prowess/speed

LOUIS - W 69 (KO's 55) TF 72 - W pct 96% - KO pct 76% - wins over Baer, Schemling, Canera, Walcott[2],Braddock, Sharkley and Conn - KO'ed by Schemling and Rocco - #1 ranked puncher - #4 ranked fighter

This truly would be the Dream Fight of the Millennium. If Ali could with stand Frazier's, Liston's, Shavers', Lyle's and Foreman's, I think that he could withstand Louis'. I picked Ali by a close but unanimous 15 rd decision.

What is the difference between a fighters...?

louis in 7, KO

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