Any tips on fist fighting??

What are some tips on winning a fist fight?? or some good insults?? except ur mama jokes!


How did Frank Warren start out?

Big tip Numero Uno: Hit them but don't let them hit you.

Who would win in a fight rocky or bruce lee?

no matter how har ddu get punched just start throwing punches as hard and as fast as u can and even if u dont will 9 times out of 10 u will still get respect for trying. also punch the estomach nopse and jaw the most

Could Jesus Christ beat Muhammad Ali in a fair fight?

If your gonna fight, don't use insults or talk sh*t you'll just leave yourself open for a sucker punch. If you want to win the fight you probably want to land the first punch and make sure it's a good one. Then follow up with about 10 more for good measure.

Who would win in a real fight look at the picz? If they were in UFc or boxing?

Step on their foot, grab their clothing(collar) Pull them into your fist & connect SQUARELY with their chin HARD as you can. They will lose their balance & should be knocked out cold. If not take out their knee & try again.

Where can I watch the Baldomir vs Mayweather fight in Houston? Im looking for a good place with good food.?

If your asking you shouldnt fight. Or encourage one. only use this for protection and not to be a bully. The main problem about girls fighting is they dont follow through with a punch. When you punch imagine your fist hitting the back of their head. Dont wimp out and scratch and pull hair. Knee as much as possible. Try not to feel the pain. DO NOT hit the nose upwards!!!! VERRRY BAD!

Pacquiao will destroy Barrera?

"bob" side to side duck down from punchs (hooks) pop up hit em in the back of the head other then that use your anger and "fear" remember from rocky 5 it works (fear is like a fire that you have to control if it gets out of control it can hurt u and who ever you are fighting but if u control it u can use it to ur advantage) if that dont work tackle themand keep them on the ground dont let them get the advantage or leverage on you also go for body shots if they cant proctect there body they leave ot open for attack if they defend there body hit there head look for any open attacks even if that means blockin until u find 1

Does anybody know a boxing gym?


Will Roy Jones Jr box again?

NEVER fight fair. Do what ever it takes to win. Poke him in the eyes so he cant see. Then hit him.

What weight class is De La Hoya and Mayweather?

give them a powerful jab in the stomach first so then when theyre kneeling over to hold theyre stomach, theyre leaving their face wide open, then give them a big right hook.

Whats your top five dodgy decisions in boxing?

Well as far as girl fights, every fight I saw the girl who pulled hair the most and punched less was the loser. Pulling hair is only really useful to get leverage on your opponent while you use your other hand to punch. Never use both hands to just pull hair, that's the way to lose a fight.
Other tips, from what i have seen: Learn how to throw a good punch, hard to teach in words though. Use your body when you swing. Get a guy to show you. Also, don't be afraid to fight dirty. Take the hits and just keep swinging! Too many girls I saw lose a fight because as soon as they get hit they stop because they broke a nail or something like that lol. Just keep fighting offensively and don't get timid.

Who do you think is going to win the fight De la Hoya or Mayweather?

if your a girl pulling hair works pretty well, pull with one hand and punch them with your strongest hand and alot of fights i seen wit girls they call each other bitches and sluts

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