Alexis Arguello vs Wilfredo Gomez. Who wins?

15 rounds at featherweight in their prime.


Who else thinks the Winky Wright/ Bernard Hopkins fight will be a total bore?

GOMEZ - W 44 (KO's 42) TF 48 - W pct 92% - KO pct 88% - wins over Lockridge, Cruz, Zarate, Pintor and LaPorte - KO'ed Sanchez, Nelson ans A. Layne - #13 ranked puncher - #54 ranked fighter (should be ranked much higher)

ARGUELLO - W 82 (KO's 65) TF 90 - W pct 91% - KO pct 72% - wins over Limon, Chacon, Watt, Mancini, Escalera{2}, Olivares and R. Castillo - KO'ed by Pryor[2] - #20 ranked puncher - #20 ranked fighter
Won titles at 126, 130 and 135

This is a great bout. Gomez has more power, Arguello is an overall better fighter. I pick Arguello in a 10 rd KO.

Why is it that Castillo gets fined and suspended yet all James toney has to do is pass a few drug tests?


Boxing V.S. UFC?

Arguello wins hands down. Gomez was never an effective fighter at 126 pounds (featherweight). If they fought at super bantamweight(122 pounds), I'd pick Gomez.

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Arguello KO's the smaller Gomez in round 12. Alexis was the more accurate and sharper puncher. Good match up.

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