Any 12, 13, or 14 years olds here going to fight in the silver gloves tournament in like a couple weeks...?

i am 13 and i will fight any 14 year old that has the balls to fight me...i am 5'6" and i weigh 150 so yea i dont care how old u r bring it on!!


What is a good age to start your son in boxing?

Hey Curtis where can you find tournaemts at for boxing i was just wondering cause i just got my first pair of gloves saturday and my friends and me are going to have a little tournament thing saturday and i was wondering whenre i can find tournaments at to win money?

Did Mike Tyson finally retire?

Silver gloves was back in february wasn't it?

I'm 17 and fight at 177, working to around 190 though and gonna stay there until im ready to move to heavyweight.

and Dylan, your not likely to win any money at any real tournaments considering people train for years and then compete. you should try anyway though, it's always fun to find out that just because your strong doesn't mean you can box

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