A friend of mine thinks that Floyd Mayweather SR. looks like the movie monster Predator, does he?


Who has the best chin in boxing history?

Yes, Floyd Mayweather SR. does look like Predator. I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who felt that way, because I felt kinda guilty that I was being mean at first. So I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw it.

If Mayweather loses to De La Hoya will that tranish his legacy?

He kinda does... Man, the comparison is spot on!

Who would like to see a Kimbo Slice vs Mike Tyson bare knuckles fight?

No way.

Could Muhammad Ali's Daughter Lalia Ali could kick any Males ***...easy?

I said the same thing!

Any good boxing trainers?

Actually, I thought he looked more like the singer named Seal, only with dreadlocks : P

Looking for mnf. of boxing/punching machine that has 2 pads mounted on arms with tension adjustments?

My friends and I often made the same comparison, and were even from his hometown! Upon careful consideration, however, we find that Floyd Sr. better resembles the Crypt Keeper, from Tales From the Crypt.

Does rocky die in his new movie??

Thats exactly what I told my mom last night he looks just like the predator...if he dont cut that mess off his head he better!...I laughed so hard I fell on the floor!...I thought nothing would be worse than the comb over hair style but that hair style beats it with thumbs up...He needs to give it up!...lol

Four fighters, each with a belt, time for Unification..Who wins?

Lol I don't know about that ive never seen the film but ive always thought he looks a bit like a rat not the best thing to look like. Poor bloke needs a good feed and a haircut.

Whos winning? how can i watch the fight online? im willing to pay!?

good comparison, i think mayweather sr is more scarier looking. they talked alike too.

Does anyone know of any Seattle area sports bars that will carry the Pacquiao v Morales fight this Sat 11-18?

Don't get me wrong, the blogbaba doesn't go around comparing old trainers to aliens, and neither Floyd Sr. nor the alien will win any beauty contests. Other than dread locks, the similarity ends. I mean as ugly as Floyd Sr. is, at least he has a face, that alien from predator has like insect mandibles & fangs instead of a face. The way that ugly B@stard was fighting Arnold and how it blew that big hole in Jessie the Body's chest reminded me of my mother in law and me, early on when the blogbaba was courting Mrs. blogbaba about a quarter century ago. But that's another story. My mother in law would have KOed both the monster and Floyd Sr. at the same time back then, talk about monsterous.

Ugly is ugly, and both Floyd Sr. and the predator have no shortage of that. Floyd Sr. reminds me of a Black Lou Duva, who by the way isn't going to win many beauty contests either. Few old fighters end up looking like Oscar and Floyd JR....which brings up the question..why is Floyd such a "Pretty Boy" when his old man has a mug that looks like he tore it off the side of Mt. Rushmore? I never understood why beautiful women fell for ugly guys, and obviously Floyd Jr. gets his looks from Mom not Dad. I hope Floyd don't take it wrong, no offense is intended, but I would much rather discuss how beautiful of a woman she was, (with complete respect of course) than how ugly the old man is.

In answer to your question.

No Floyd Sr. does not look like a movie monster, he looks like an old boxer. Most old boxers make the movie monster Predator look like a cartoon character. Us old guys aren't as sensitive about our looks as the younsters, but we do have our pride.

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