Aaron Pryor vs Ricky Hatton?

My cousin seems to think that Hatton would give the Hawk a very tough fight if he fought him in his prime. Is she nuts? Help us please!


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Pryor would walk thru Hatton. Hatton would not be same afterwards.

Win the fight?

The Hawk is the best fighter of his times. Sugar Ray Lenard avoided him like a plague. His fights with Alexis Aurgrro (sp) proved his worth. It was too bad that he left Buddy LaRossa and found a home with drugs.

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She must be on drugs. Come to think of it so was Pryor.

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This would be a great fight and I like what I see of Ricky Hatton one thing is for sure nether fighter will quit one thing we have to remember is that Aaron Prior was and olympic champion who was a better boxer than most people give him credit for I see both fighters going at it from the start neather one wanting to give and inch Hatton scores a flash knock down in the first Pryor steadies him self and goes right at Hatton the bell rings ending the first round from here on it is all Pryor backing Hatton up Ricky makes a last stand in the 8th round and is caught with a right cross that stuns him Pryor is all over him someone from the crowd yells it,s Hawk time the referee has no other choice but to say Ricky TKO

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I think it would be a good fight due to their styles, but i think Pryor would be to much for Hatton to overcome and the Hawk would overwhelm him in 5 rounds of a nice tussle. Both fighters are aggressive but Pryor was a whirlwind of nonstop punching and he had power and he could also box if he wanted to. I really need to see Hatton win against better competition before i can put him in the same class as an Aaron Pryor.

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Hatton would be in the fight early only because his natural walk-around weight is like 180something.

However, Pryor was a wirlwind of punches where every punch was thrown with bad intentions. I know the same can be said for Hatton, but Pryor could take a hell-of-a-punch.

Pryor by TKO.

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The immovable object vs. the irresistible force.
There's a reason why Leonard avoided Pryor. This would be competitive for about five rounds, but eventually Pryor would break Hatton Down, the way Hagler broke Mugabe down.

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HATTON - W 41 (KO's 30) TF 35 - W pct 100% - KO pct 73% - wins over F. Pendleton and Tszyu - KO'ed by none
As of 2005 he was #50 ranked pound 4 pound current fighter

PRYOR - W 39 (KO's 35) TF 40 - W pct 98% - KO pct 88% - Arguello[2], Cervantes, D. Johnson and L. Blackmore - KO'ed by B. Young (unknown fighter) - #35 ranked fighter
He should have been ranked in the 100 greatest punchers
Drugs probably did cost him in his pugilistic career.

Hatton has not been KO'ed. Pryor fought better fighters than Hatton. Both boxers will go toe-to-toe with each other. Pryor will use that all out windmill style and that black bottle to secure a 13 rd TKO.



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