Any advice for starting a small boxing gym in So. Cal.?

Question:I'm thinking of trying to keep it at least break even profit level. It will be a part time activity. I will find some small space to lease that can fit a ring, a few punching bags and a couple speed bags, space for calistenics and jumping rope.

It will mostly be geared toward kids and teenagers.

I will have monthly dues but low income kids have no dues and kids who compete the dues will be waived or reduced.

I want to attract both the competitive students and the ones who want an activity to kid them busy and fit. In other words if a kid just wants to learn boxing but doesn't want to be a pro he can still come. I will allow young kids to train but very light sparring and only occassionaly until 10 or 11?

My credentials are not that great but did fight in the open divison and was trained by a former pro trainer who had a WBO title.

What do you think the keys to success will be? What type of licenses do I need?


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Robert ~
You're a good man. My old trainer Bucky Moreno had a gym above a furniture store on the third floor. The guy who owned the furniture store was a fight fan and gave Bucky the space for free. Bucky bought all the equipment for the gym with the help of the Furniture store owner John S. Phalen "Jack" and outside donations. Bucky never charged anyone a dime to workout at the gym. If a kid or anyone needed wraps, he'd but them. He bought the kids their boxing shoes and trunks. Google his name, interesting story.

You're in the wrong business if you're looking to make any profit. Most gyms are in the red each and every month. A lot of gyms have gimmicks like "White Collar" boxing or training just for white collar workers. Freddie Roaches Wild Card Gym in L.A. couldn't make it without his celebrity clientele.

As long as your heart is in the right place, you'll be fine. You'll learn as you go along. Go to USA and there you'll find information on getting your gym registered. Make sure you have all participants sign a Presumption of Risk form or a Wavier. Put Waring signs on the walls explaining that Boxing is a dangerous sport. Get advice from a Lawyer, with your cause it should be free.

Good luck Robert and take care.

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Robert Santana gave you some great advice you will not make money with kids they will come and go if you decide to do it just do it for the love of it if you can afford it you will get something out of it that money can,t buy and that is a lot of friends you can go to your local government and ask them to sponsor your boxing club or a privet group you will be a very busy person get some help with the kids the kids will come but 99% will leave you boxing is about discipline most kids don,t have that at 10 and 11 years old I know what your about to get into forget about the money because there is no money if you are looking for a world champion you will have to develop him your self one in a million good luck

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