In a boxing ring match/fight is the pain from a hit or getting tired make u lose the fight,more?


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Pain can not hurt you. If you are properly trained, you WILL feel it, but it will not hurt or effect your game so long as you can move. Fatigue IS the killer. People get "knocked out" when they are not unconcious. They simply can't stand up anymore. You can avoid fatigue by proper breathing, istead of breathing when you want to, breath deep every 2-5 seconds depending on how tired you are (that will be disputed I am sure, but it works for me and my trainer). Unless a bone is broke, or something is ripped, pain alone will not stop you ever.

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yo ( hi lol ) did u get your pitcher from probly LOL cuz ive seen it there alot

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its the fatigue, boxers run miles and miles to get better stamina in the ring.i did it for a while. although the odd good punch to the forehead can finish things quickly

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I agree with tricky trucker, fatigue and the accumulation of injuries/blows to the head are what causes the knockout or "KO" it does depend on the stamina of the individual of the fighter or if they did a good enough job in their defense. this is true in all fighting arts whether it's boxing, or any of the contact martial arts tournaments

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if you get tired the pain increases so i would say getting tired is most likly the worst.

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Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

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Don't you worry, cuz there's some man somewhere who'll take you, skinny legs and all.

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