Another for the Tyson loyalists - Tyson circa Spinks vs Liston circa Patterson?

Who wins and why?


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Liston - W 50 (KO's 39) TF 54 - W pct 93% - KO 72% - wins over Patterson{2}, "Big Cat" Williams and Z. Foley - KO'ed by Ali[2] and L. Martin (average fighter) - #15 ranked puncher - #71 ranked fighter

Tyson - W 50 (KO's 43) TF 58 - W pct 86% - KO pct 74% - wins over Holmes, Ruddock, Spinks and Berbick - KO'ed by Holyfield [2], Lewis and Douglas (average) - #16 ranked puncher - #72 ranked fighter
Tyson did not have Frazier's will or heart

We know both fighters were quitters. They were not great enough to do the number one thing in boxing: how much punishment can you take. This is a vicious bout; we have two great sluggers here. Both fighters are hurt and severely beaten. The greatest surprise of all-time both fighters quit in their corners.

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I'll pick Sonny Liston here because he was a smart boxer. Tyson was strong, had good movement, but was used to his opponents going straight back away from his onslaught.
He had trouble with fighters who could move laterally, like Biggs, for one.
Liston would have befuddled Tyson with his movement, smart defense, and eventually hurt him with his smart punching.

If your good at boxing ?

Definitely Tyson would have too much speed and power for the lumbering bear.

Here's a bit of trivia - which trainer said this to which fighter in which fight?

Again, this brings us back to Tyson's achilles heel--he was a bully. When he matched up against a fighter who could take a punch and hit back, he was very beatable. Danny Williams and Kevin McBride didn't beat Tyson because he was past his prime--they beat them because Tyson had long before been exposed. Buster Douglas demonstrated the game plan in Tokyo, and after Tyson quit fighting clowns like Frans Botha and Lou Savarese fighters like Holyfield, Lewis and the aforemention Williams and McBride followed the rubrick.

The only chance that Tyson would have had would have been to catch Liston past his prime, but as this question stipulates this is at their prime. Liston destroyed Floyd Patterson--a quality heavyweight in his own right--twice by first round KO. Tyson destroyed Michael Spinks--a blown up lightheavyweight. Even their "prime" as defined in this question aren't worthy of comparison. As I've noted in the other Tyson vs. fighter x ad nauseum questions, Tyson never fought anyone with Liston's power and in his prime Liston could execute a fight strategy as well as punch. Tyson always thought he was too "bad" to need a strategy, at least after he became champion. Liston easily--we're talking a guy who's somewhere in the discussion of 10 best heavyweights ever in Liston against a guy on the outside looking in in Tyson...

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Liston once again he wouldn't be intimidated of Tyson. Liston KO round 9.

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