If Muhammad Ali was never born, and given that current fight scene, what would have become of Sonny Liston?


Will Tommy Morrison be able to win another Heavyweight title @ 38?

I believe that Sonny was aging when he fought Ali but still very dangerous. A few years would have probably passed then he would have battles vs Ellis, Bonavena, Quarry, and Frazier. I believe he may very well may have beaten these guys but like every fighter his age would have caught up and he would have lost his title. He may have fought Ernie Terell, George Chuvalo, and Jerry Quarry and retired as champion in my opinion.

Who won the fight between Mayweather and De la Hoya?

No doubt, he still would have O.D.'ed on drugs.

What was Sugar Ray Robinson's real name?

The same ending to a crime filled drug filled life. If not Ali surely George Forman would have destroyed him.

Did rocky win?

Then Geoge Foreman would have been the greatest ever since he's demolished easily the fighters that Ali had a hard time disposing off ie. Frazier, etc. Liston was at the end of his career when he fought Ali.

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