Am i good or am i weak?

okay im 5-9 weigh 160 i am built like a small edge i can lift about 130 and i want to train more should i give up or is it good


Does anyone else play boxing?

Remember, in boxing the person who wins is because the skills, reflex, knowledge and ability, not the one who is stronger or who send and land a lot of punches. Take advantage from your weight and height (speed and reach). Just do your best and don't give up without a fight!

What would be in a "Rocky" prequel?

this is good!

Has oscar Dela Hoya lost to Shane Mosley. If so how many times?

i'd say that is pretty good keep it up i'd say

Evander Holyfield vs. Gene Tunney?

go for what is in your heart

Maywheather or delahoya?

To discipline yourself to keep your body strong is good. Just don't overdo it up to the point you break your bones. Also, don't forget to eat a balanced diet to make yourself stronger.

Vic darchinian vs. jorge "travieso arce" who wins?

Try to at least lift your weight.

Who wins this match up? Hopefully...?

I would say keep with it...the more you train, the better you'll get!

Sugar Ray Robinson against Rubin "Hurricane"Carter, both fighters in their prime , who would win ?

dont give up but i know sum one small than that who can do better. younger to i think

How 2 make 6 packs?

It's good that you're doin' it. Keep working. Push ups are great too. Try to increase how many you can do by 10 each week.

Another quote. What fight? What trainer? What fighter? Referring to who?

keep on training!

The top 5 things De la Hoya MUST do to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Good, keep it up.

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