Any good boxing diets out there?

im currently boxing in a club in scotland,im only 9st,cant seem to put on any weight at all,looking for ideas?


Who do you thing is the greatest boxer of all time?

why do you need to put on weight why cant you fight at your natural weight , and dint listen to jc cause weights will slow you down at your weight you need speed and skill practise that keep eating healthy and dint worry about putting on weight, r u to tall for nine stone cant see that lol

What do ya'll think last night between oscar de la hoya and mayweather?

yea i saw rocky balboa slurp raw eggs, punch beef carcasas and run up stairs whilst hopping benches,
be careful about salmonella though! u wont be fighting if u catch that!

Marvin Hagler vs. James Toney at 160, who wins?

weight gaining shakes.mix that with milk and you can have around 2,000 calories right there...cuz calories are what help you put on weight and you need something like 3500 extra calories a week to gain get eating and drinking!

Do you think Mayweather deserved his win?

do strength training , lift weights. join a gym and get a personal trainer
60% protein 30% carbs 10% fat never try to go against your natural weight it will make you ill

Try tahitian noni protein powder good healthy stuff
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Who do you think will win: Paquiao or Morales?

The best boxing diet is to eat clean and very healthy. No sugar, fried foods!

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