Another stupid question from a dumb monkey like me.?

They say Robinson was the best, heck, even Ali said so. He moved up to Lt. Heavy when he was way too old and it was way too hot against Maxim. BUT, if there was a prime Robinson these days, what could he do? COULD he maybe beat some Heavyweights as weak as they are? Or are they simply too big for him? Could he make Super Middle, Light Heavy, Cruiser?


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Its one of those things that you can only guess at. I would imagine he could go to light heavy and stand a chance but I think the size of the top heavy's today would be too much for him.

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the simple thing is that their is no comparison...everyone has its own time...n far more important "if and but" is useless

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Robinson was a welterweight and a middleweight. He was giving up 17 lbs when he fought Maxim. Robinson would rule the welterweight division but would have good competition from Leonard and Hearns. Hagler and Hearns would have given him good competition at middleweight. I think Robinson would have found a way to be just as good if not better than these guys.

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Many boxing fans and critics regard Robinson as, "pound for pound", the best boxer of all time. Muhammad Ali, who repeatedly called himself "The Greatest" throughout his career, has said without hesitation that, while he does consider himself the greatest heavyweight in boxing history, that he would rank Robinson the greatest fighter of all time. I think he would tear up the welter and the middleweight classes. He was extremely fast with decency in his left hand and a very good right hand. He never went to the "uppercut" and was known for that. In my eyes, he was the best ever for his size and fought 200+ pound fighters.

Robinson retired from the ring with a record of 175-19-6-2 (110 KOs) in 202 professional bouts, ranking him among the most prolific knock-out kings of all time.

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