According to W Klitschko is fighting Calvin Brock this november. Who wins?

It is so obvious thatvKlitchko will turn overrated Brock into a red headed stepchild. It will be fun to see. lol


Who would win mayweather or taylor if mayweather moved up in weight?

I would have to say my boy Klitchko by KO..

Jack Johnson vs Larry Holmes. Who wins?

its a draw

When was started?

I hope Brock. What's wrong with the brothers? C'mon guys, bring the title back to the USA where it belongs.

What do you think of boxing as a sport?

Assuming that Klitschko is focused, takes his training seriously and uses his freakish height and superior boxing skills he'll win easily. Basically, as long as he listens to whatever Emmanuel Steward tells him to do there's no one in the heavyweight division who could beat him at the moment. If he doesn't find a way to "beat himself"--which is never a sure think with Wlad--he's got the best shot at unifying the various alphabet soup heavyweight belts and becoming the next undisputed heavyweight champion...

I want to punch someone?


Oscar de la hoya or floyd mayweather?

I think this might be a decent match up, Wlad isnt as good as Vitali was, and Brock is overrated just America clutching at straws hoping they will get a belt back, still 2 fighters fighting in a very weak division, its not a fight i would pay to see and i would not really be that bothered who wins, but lets just hope we get a good fight the heavyweights definately need something to put a spark back in the division.

What was the best Fight you ever got into... NOT VERBAL, I WANT PUNCHES THROWN lollll?

It will probably be Klitchsko..But after watching the Rahman/Lewis fight that time I have learned that a fight can go either way.

Was Jim Watt lucky to beat Sean O'Grady after headbutting him?

dont ask such dumb questions. klitschko easily.

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