Any good boxing trainers?

Fighting is my pation..Ive been training myself in the Cus Damato style of boxing.Its fits me perfectly.But I lack a good trainer...I never spar or even was able to stay at a boxing gym because of distance..My dream is to be the strongest fighter in the world over all styles even martial arts.I am now 18 theres nothing keeping me back now.I just need a trainer.Im willing to break my back to become the strongest I dont care what kinda harsh training you put me threw.I JUST WANT TO BE THE STRONGEST! If you can help me out plz give me information on where your gym is at or some where i can meet you..All i want is to be the strongest...Thanks


Whats your opinion on this?

thats good you wanna be really good. the thing about cus d'mato's style is that you really have to be suited to use it. if your average size, have power, and are willing to take a couple of shots to get inside, then it should work. but you won't really have that long of a career using that style because you have to work harder than the other fighter because you constantly have to work to get inside and take a lot more damage than your opponent sometimes. but you should ask around about gyms, look it up online or somehting.

What does "Cover Up" mean when you're boxing? no trainer but if you make ur way to pennsylvania ill fight ya. how bigaboy r ya

Who is the greatest boxer pound for pound??

Freddy Roach. Wild Card Gym... Hollywood, CA.


Pacquiao's CURRENT trainer and once trained MIKE TYSON + other greats.

Jr. Welterweight battle: Aaron Pryor vs. Julio Cesar Chavez?

Try to contact Freddie Roach. He's currently the man. By the way he's based in L.A.

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