All of those boxers out there, please answer this?

ok, so if you fight in boxing in either the feither waits, middle wait, light heavy waits, and the heavy and the belt holder, or in the top ten in ranks, tell me who was the hardest fight and wat it was for like did you fight for the belt, or for a ameuter trophie, or something like that tell me


Who would have won between Holyfield and Jack Dempsey?

I fought as an amateur in my teeny bopper years. I managed to be fairly successfull, at least for the level I was at.

I fought at 145, and the toughest fight I had was with a kid who was naturally about 165. It was a fight where i moved up to 152 and he dropped. I still question his making weight. Anyway, I outboxed him like crazy in the first round. He started to catch me in the second round. In the third round I was gasping for air while he just beat the living hell out of me. I have no idea how I stayed standing. That gave me a real respect for what these guys have to do in there.

It takes a lot of heart.

If you are boxing, just make sure to train hard and always be prepared. Also, make sure to make other plans. Nobody should box for any extended period of time unless they are making millions of dollars. Too much damage to the body. I still get nosebleeds 20 years later.

Heavyweight help?

No fight should be hard..Unless you are undertrained...If it is hard i must would be doing something wrong.

Could anyone help me find a place(DC area) where I could watch the HBO boxing match scheduled this Saturday?

I think you need to stop boxing... it's weight not wait. It's feather not feither. Go to school you are brain dead from all those punches.

Argue Against Me.?

ok I won't laugh at your spelling, but I will tell you my experience. It was back a couple of years ago that I boxed in the gym for the gym title, it was a big rivalry between me and this other kid. the fight was at 160. I had very little formal training in boxing, but had taken karate and was an avid boxing fan so I knew what to do. It was a small In gym tournament with only 4 boxers in the tournament in my weight bracket. It was done up nice w/ the entrace music and a local aspiring artist being the announcer. well in the first round, it was a feeling out process, but then as the round closed he head butted me intentionaly, and that is when I went nuts in the second round, I started doing vetern tricks I had seen Bernard Hopkins do, I eventually beat the kid nearly out of the ring. In the third round, I droped him, and the ref waived off the fight. I won the tournament

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