Is this glove able to be used for sparring with my friends?

I would like to use these gloves because when me and my friends spar we grab each other kind of like a mixed martia art type of thing. but do you think that those type of gloves would cover my knuckles so my friends do not get hurt?


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StudyKid243 ~
Those gloves use to be used for a speed-bag or heavy-bag workout, now with the MMA craze they're considered "Grapplers" gloves, if your intention is to grab each other while you're working out then yes, it would be a suitable glove for you to use, but if your just strictly boxing with you friends then no, definitely not. StudyKid243 you must be aware that there isn't much padding in these gloves and the guys you see wear and use them on TV have been training a very long time and are well prepared to handle blows from these type of gloves. You must be careful not to go all out or get angry when you are being hit or hitting someone else. Be very careful StudyKid and enjoy your new "Grappling" gloves. Good luck.

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No. Simply because you and your friends don't have a such training. Those gloves may seems to offer protection. However I have sparred with those gloves and it HURT far more than boxing gloves. Those gloves aren't made out of bouncy soft foam like boxing gloves. It's actually pretty hard for a gloves and it take time to get use to moving your hands in those gloves.

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