Everyone seems to be forgeting this fight?

Who wins Paul williams or Antonio margarito..I say paul williams by tko


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Williams by Tko in less than 8, Margarito is as slow as * and barely can get out of his own way let alone the way of a skilled fighter. Margarito will get embarrassed and maybe people will stop saying he is the next be all and end all of boxing

Who would win this fight george foreman vs earnie shavers please say how and why ?

I think Margarito will win the fight. Williams is over rated and he will be exposed by the agression of Margarito. Williams throws akward and wild punches and that will cost him in the fight.

De La Hoya vs Mayweather - Live on Sky Sports?

Paul Williams is hungry. I think this is the end of Margarto's reign as champion. I give Williams a UD in 12.

What do you think about pacquiao vs solis?

Antonio margarito by KO

Too old ?

I think Williams uses his height, reach and power to win by knock-out. Then that will validate that Margarito vs. mayweather would be a waste of time.

Who will win tonight, Pacquiao or Solis?

Williams is overrated. His punches have little power and aren't well placed. In addition, his chin hasn't been truly tested yet.

Margarito by KO around the 7th

Please give me the address of Muhammed Ali, (Former World Heavy-weight Boxing Champion: "The Greatest")

Paul Williams wins this fight easily. Within 8 rounds.

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