"Dream Bout" - Foreman vs Shavers - Hwy wt - 15 Rds - Who wins?


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Talk about a slug fest? There's no way on earth this fight even sniffs a 15th round! This would be lucky to go 3 or 4 with the power both these guy have. Shavers was a huge puncher and i wonder if he would do to George what Ron Lyle did to him. This would likely come down to who could land the big bomb first and who could take the big bomb the best. I have to pick Big George in a 3 round nuclear war!

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I wouldnt call this a dream fight b/c a prime Foreman would beat Shavers within 3 rounds.

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Good question Smitty but because of their styles I see this as a rather easy win for Foreman. Shavers would try to trade with big George who also has a very good jab. Foreman would use that jab and follow it with hooks and uppercuts sending Shavers home early with a 4th round knockout.

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Obviously as this is a dream fight we take both the fighters to be in their primes, and i also believe as the answerers above that this would be a pretty easy victory for Big George, the Foreman that blew away Frazier and Norton would blow away Shavers as well and probably within 2 rounds as well.
However if this fight was fought a couple of years after the rumble in the jungle when Big George wasnt really on his game, (i think he was still affected by that loss) i think Shavers could of beat Foreman as we all watched Ron Lyle nearly beat him in one of the greatest slugfests ever, i think Shavers was a bigger hitter than Lyle and this could of been thye decisive factor in this fight as Georges defense had gone awol during the Lyle fight if he had done it against Shavers he may well of got knocked out.
Also there wasnt no point putting 15 rounds up, this fight couldnt possibly go past 6 or 7 at the very most, would probably of been the greatest slugfest ever (could of been the answer to my earlier question if the fight had ever happened) certainly two of the hardest punchers ever if not the two hardest.

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Smitty I was wondering where you were all day yesterday these Ali bashers are too much for toughguy, Brent, myself, and others to handle they seem to think they know it all. I was in contact with someone from the Shavers assoc. it could be Shavers I put the email below. This anonymous person said Foreman ducked Shavers as did Frazier. I admire both fighters and don't think they ducked Shavers but that was the message I got. As for your fight---Foreman KO in 2.


Charlie Hale at christian@charliehale.co.uk this is on a Shavers web site. It could be Shavers or a guy answering for Shavers. Shavers does live in the UK right now.

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If this is pre-Ali Foreman then it's a one or two round massacre of Shavers.If this is post-Ali pre-Young Foreman, than he would win in seven or eight rounds.Post-Young Foreman would take a ten or eleven round stoppage.

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Big George KO round 4. Too strong, too much clubbing punching power for the Acorn.

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foreman in 2

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