Any tips on making my Knuckles harder?

Question:Hey any tips?
I've been lightly tapping hard surfaces such as pavement and walls to build up pain resistance but I want my knucles as hard as dimonds. any pro advice?


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In actuallity, when you are tapping and or punching on hard surfaces, you are not only builiding resistance to pain but you are also building more bone cells and skin cells. Our body can cope with everything, and the more you do something to your body the more your body will react to it. For example, for construction workers, they carry and use heavy materials and after a while they have big muscles. They also have strong hard callus skin in the palm of their hands. If you keep punching and tapping with your knuckles, sooner or later your skin will become hard and you bones will become stonger because your brain is telling your body that it needs more bone cells and skin cells so it can adapt to what's going on.

As a matter of fact, people who lift weights not only build muscle cells but also build more bone cells to cope with all that muscle stress. In saying that, if you don't use the muscle, you lose the muscle. So if you don't use the knuckles, you wont change the knuckles. It's a general homeostasis of how the body deals with itself.

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use brass knuckles

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Get a bucket of sand...punch into the sand over and over. This works much better than a brick wall or pavement and will not break your hand in the process.

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Buy several large bags of rice ---- fill up a 5 gal. bucket ---- kneel down in front --- start punching away --- keep doing this over a long period of time , as a training exercise. Using sand is a little too "rough" on the knuckles.

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masturbate at least 5 times a day and your knuckles may or may not get harder, but you'll be too happy to care by that point.

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What i used to do when I boxed and it worked for me is every time i did pushups i did them on my knuckles. U cant actually make a bone stronger but u can tighten the skin around the knuckles.

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i heard bruce lee would soak his hands in hot sand.maybe try a calcium supplement.

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Use rice in a box when your hands are tougher use a coconut door mat. The concrete or wall is not a good idea.

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look up Chinese hand strengthening on google.

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