3 Upcoming fights that look pretty close, who can give me all 3 winners please ?

Question:Clinton Woods Vs Glen Johnson
Marco Antonio Barrera Vs Rocky Juarez
Samuel Peter Vs James Toney


Rocky Graziano vs Tony Ayala Jr. Who wins?

Johnson, Barrera and Toney

Who are the top 5 Heavyweight boxers in the world at the moment?

I'm picking Glen Johnson, Marco Antonio Barrera and Samuel Peter.

Joe Louis vs. Larry Holmes who wins?

The only one I will comment on is the Toney one.I think Toney may can win but Im unsure.

Mayweather, one of the best or the best at avoiding boxers who can beat him.?

Frank D ~
In my opinion, Johnson will beat Woods, Glen seems to rise to the occasion every time he fights in a Big Fight. The "Road Warrior will out work Woods for a unanimous decision . Marco took Juarez very lightly the last time these too fought, I think that Marco brings much More to the table than Juarez, look for Barrera to stop him in the later rounds. James will stop Peter in the second half of the fight, although Peter is the Bigger and stronger of the two, his conditioning must come into question, he has a tendency to tire in the later rounds and Toney fights very lazy on the ropes or in the corner holding up his out of shape body, picking his shots carefully. Thanks for the great question Frank D.

Why is a boxing ring called a ring if it is a square?

Johnson by decision
Barrera by TKO
Peter by KO

What time will the main boxing event be in Las Vegas on 18 Nov 2006?

Well I wont say who will definitely win as I haven't seen Woods fight but I'm rooting for Glenn Johnson who I think should win. I believe he was the better boxer in the two fights with Antonio Tarver though Tarver got the credit for winning the second match.

I am going to say a draw between Rocky Juarez and Marco Antonio Barrera. Barrera did well in first half last time and Juarez did well in the second half this time I think the roles will be reversed.

Sam Peter will rock Toney but Toney will play possum lure Peter in and then hurt him.Close fight but I think Toney outlasts him and maybe even scores a 11th or 12th round knockdown to gain points and win the fight.

Sandy Saddler vs Ruben Olivares. Who wins?

Johnson, Barrera and Toney.

I am 6ft..so what is e best strategy to fight in the ring? what is e proper boxers diet?

Go with the underdogs. Make that money. Not sure if Johnson, who comes to dance at every big party will be an underdog come fight time, but, since he's fighting for Woods' title, he's a dog, and I think he'll win this fight in big fashion. I know that Juarez and Peter are both dogs but you gotta love their stories, their passion, and, their heart. Juarez fought and lost a close one to Barrera..critics will say Barrera will be ready this time, I think that Barrera was ready the last time, but, Rocky was even more so ready and Barrera couldn't handle him late, this time, even if the fight is played out in the exact same way, Rocky will win. As a matter of fact, I think that daddy Juarez has made it clear that Rocky needs to jump Barrera early, and, he will on his way to winning. Sam Peter is a beast, he's a huge puncher that throws wildly a lot but James Toney is a slow, fat, doper, enough said--one way or the other he will lose, if Peter doesn't knock him out, Toney will knock himself out, just as he did when he seemingly beat John Ruiz.

In your opinion, who would win in a fight between a boxer and a wrestler?

i dont see were you would have a problem with these match ups

Info on Felix Trinidad's Childhood?

Glen Johnson
and Peter

Does anybody know the latest of OSCAR DE LA HOY and FLoyd MAyweather JR?

Johnson, Juarez, Peter

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