Aaron Pryor vs. Ray Leonard who wins?

Pryor steps up in weight to fight Leonard at Welter. 15 rounds


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Brent F ~
In my opinion Pryor "The Hawk" would have stopped Leonard "Sugar" in the later rounds of the fight, Sugar knew that he would have his hands full with the Hawk, that's why this fight was never made instead what we got was Pryor's demolishing of Alexis, that was suppose to be Sugar Ray. Aaron was calling out Leonard every chance he got, at every press conference where anyone would pay attention to him he was begging for the fight but, in my opinion Ray was scared of the Hawk. Aaron had raw talent and a great chin he would just keep coming and coming and Sugar knew that there was no ring big enough too keep the Hawk off of him. Ray was really never known for being a power puncher, a one punch knockout artist but Alexis was known to stop men with a single punch, he hit Pryor with his best shots, snapped his head almost completely off his shoulders and Pryor's eyes would roll back down from his head and continue forward throwing damaging punches thus stopping Alexis twice. Pryor was way too tough for Leonard.....What the Panther fails to realize is that I'm in-titled to my opinion, I am a "self-respecting" fight fan, I've been fighting and involved with boxing for over 30 years, my father was a fighter and his father and his father before him. If I think that leonard was a coward, then in my opinion, he was a coward. That's what this format is about TO OFFER ONES OPINION about the subject at hand.

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Ray Leonard

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raw speed and endurance

especially at 15 rds

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who cares!

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leonard , to fast for pryor

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I wish I could say the Hawk because I was a big fan of his and not much of a Leonard fan. But Leonard was a very smart fighter who had a way of pulling off the kind of fight this would be. So I'd say Leonard by decision.


Aaron the Hawk Pryor and his swarming style and non stop punching would definetly cause Leonard some problems. Leonard had a little quicker hands and probably a little more punching power than Pryor. Pryor would give Leonard a very tough fight and would not quit. Leonard would survive by landing harder punches and win by unanimous decision. Pryor was one of my favorites so it was hard to pick against him. Good question Brent F!

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I was discussing this matchup with a friend of mine. As good as Pryor was, he would have been outclassed by Leonard.

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leonard ina surprisingly easy win. come on.how could any self-respecting boxing fan suggest that leonard was afraid of anyone, esp after his gutsy 1st fight w/duran, his 2nd fight w/duran, his battle w/hearns(in hearns' prime no less), and his ultimate achievement...taking on marvin(king of the hill) hagler, still on top of his game. leonard was fearless, but he was a businessman and wanted the most lucrative fights out there. had pryor stayed the course and increased his market value, ray would've took him on.and beat him easy!

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To Santana your opinion is just like you and your a** hole, both full of s***.
You are entitled to your wrong opinion however I know that both Toughguy and Brent f would agree that if I said that Marciano was a coward I would be wrong and that my opinion would have no validity. It is my opinion that Christmas is on April !2th.

Pryor - W 39 (KO'S 35) TF 40 - W pct 98% - KO pct 88% - wins over Cervantes and Arguello[2] - KO'ed by B. Young (a nobody) -#35 ranked fighter

Leonard - W 36 (KO's 23) TF 40 - W pct 90% - KO pct 58% - wins over Duran{2], Hearns, Benitez and Hagler - KO'ed by Camacho (he should have stayed retired) - #9 ranked fighter - 1976 Gold medalist at Lt welter wt

All opinions/conclusions should be backed with logic/facts, that practice would have kept us out of Iraq.

Check box-rec and the quality of opposition of both fighters and you can see for your self who would win. All the black bottles in the world can not stop Leonard from having a lop-sided unanimous decision over one of my favorite fighters,Pryor.

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