Ali and Tyson In They're Prime... Who Wins? Im Saying Tyson 3rd Via MURDER.?


Who remembers LARRY GAINS?

Tyson in the first round, Ali cant hold one of Tysons shots, One punch would be enough. It may last to the second round, but I think First. (3 or less for sure)

Who is the best heavy weight boxer in the world at present?

Ali. A sound mind in a strong body.

Tito vs. Cotto?

in there Prime..Tyson by the 6th. He punched too hard and was too crazy back when he was young. Ali is great but Ali is remembered a lot for his mouth just like we'll remember Tyson for his actions.

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As if this question isn't asked enough on here. Anyone who knows anything about boxing would know, Tyson would'nt stand a chance against Ali. Ali could fight wars, Ali had it all, speed, power, heart, and a great chin and body. Tyson when faced with adversity folded. He got frustrated and taken out of his game easily. Ali's jab would've kept tyson at bay and from getting inside and landing big shots. If Tyson ever did get inside, Ali would be able to take his punches, frustrating Tyson more. Ali would use his footwork to box circles around Tyson and hit him with fast punches at angles, keeping Tyson off balance, eventually leading to knockdowns. Then a knockout. Ali by KO in 11. Maybe even less. Even if Ali couldn't take Tysons best punch, Tyson wouldn't be able to land his "best punch". Ali was way too quick. Tyson would never land flush. Honestly i think its stupid to say Tyson would beat Ali. James Tillis was the first person to take Tyson to decision and Tyson couldn't even handle his foot work and agility. James Tillis' footwork is 100 times worse then Ali's. So if Tyson couldn't handle Tillis then how do you think he would've done against Ali?

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Ali by KO, dec., or disqualification. Tyson wouldn't be able to hit Ali. Tyson is frustrated who knows what he does this time---DQ and that isn't dairy queen.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Donald Curry at 147?

Ali would have killed Tyson. Tyson, at his best, was still no Joe Frazier.

Does anyone truly think that UFC holds a candle to boxing?

Ali had far too much ring skill, footwork and speed for Tyson to win this fight. Ali fought some of the hardest hitting heavyweights in history, such as George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Ernie Shavers without being stopped. How do you reckon Tyson would have ko'd him when he was never once in his career counted out. Tyson won his fights before they even started as his opponents were scared s***less of him. Ali would not have feared him and would have drove Tyson in to a frenzy during the build up giving him automatic advantage. Tyson would have been outclassed and taunted from beginning til end. Tyson was a great fighter until he got bullied and that is when he was vunerable, eg Douglas, Holyfield. This would be either a late stoppage for Ali or a landslide points decision. Either way Tyson could not beat Ali.
I take it that the people who think Tyson would win this fight are from the Tyson era. Anybody who really knows their boxing will know that Ali was simply too much for Tyson.

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This idiotic question is posed at least twice a week by the myriad of Tyson loyalists.
Tyson would have stood NO CHANCE, no chance whatsoever against Ali.

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ali no doubt.tyson won most of his fights before he entered the ring thru fear and reputation.ali would not have sucummed to this.he would box and move tyson frustrating him in the process winning by late stoppage or clear points win.even if tyson caught ali i cant see him putting him away.dont forget ali took some big shots off a murderous puncher like foreman and still stopped him late.he also went the distance with earnie shavers who is the hardest puncher i ever saw.

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ali in his prime he realy was unbeatable

Which do u think takes more energy. Football, wrestling, or boxing?

Don't discount Ali's toughness. He took everything Foreman threw for eight rounds. Tyson would be easier to jab and for Ali to clinch. Tyson is quicker than Foreman. He could drop Ali and win rounds. But Ali would outbox him.

Did Rocky Marciano start boxing aged 20?

why dosent HOLLYWOOD make a movie of the 2, float like a butterfly and bite like MIKKEEE datz why they call it mike vs ali

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Tyson would have won somewhere in the first few rounds. All it takes is one jackhammer punch to land cleanly, and it lights out shirt for Ali. Ali was not a power puncher, he was a stylist.

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