A couple days after a boxing match, my head began to hurt, is this normal? and if so how long will it last?


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u could have a mild cuncussion which is common in boxing. i would reccomend going 2 ur doctor and get a c.a.t. scan. if u were stopped in ur bout they usally are mandatory. when i boxed i was never knocked down or out but suffered 8 concussions. they are serious so do not disregard this. i hope for the best for u.

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well, you kinda are getting punched in the head a lot during boxing as that is the nature of the sport, but um, yea i guess it is normal and it would hurt just as long as any other time that you get punched hard in the head, if you keep boxing it will probably keep hurting unless you can find a way to win a match without getting punched at all in the head. good luck

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I would definetly ask my trainer about that or a doctor. My head never hurt, but i didn't get hit too much. Keep your gloves up, this should eliminate that problem completley.

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Your best bet is to go to the Doctor for a true expert opinion, especially since the pain began a few days after the fight.

If you are bleeding on the brain, don't worry. It probably will stop hurting when you die!


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I don't know if this is normal or not but I suggest you go and see a doctor. Your health is serious.

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