A question about boxing?

Question:How do you become a professional fighter (in the UK)? How easy/ expensive is it- and do you already have to have proved yourself at amateur level or can you start learning at a pro level?

Also, can you have a regular job whilst starting out as a pro boxer (no idea what boxing money is like).

I am asking on behalf of a friend, by the way, so sorry if I have any of my facts wrong! He is 5'10", around 165/175lbs if this is important and has what I've heard called a 'fighting toe-to-toe' style.

Serious answers only please- thanks.


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you have 2 prove your self 1st

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If he is a member of a boxing club they should be able to tell him. If he is not a member of a boxing club then he is wasting his time, he will get battered.

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Tell him to join a boxing gym if he is any good they will give him all the help he needs.

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you do not have to be established as an amateur.a lot of pro fighters have never fought as amateurs.however any decent boxing trainer will never let u near a ring unless they think your good enough,also u will not be granted a license.boxing is to serious to be taking risks.
you wouldnt be allowed to drive a formula 1 car unless u can drive would u!!

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Well first go to a boxing club and join and stay there for awhile get good and if the trainers see you that you can be good and last in the ring they will put you to spar and after you spar for awhile and your pretty good they'll take you to a tournement and you will compete there and if you win (i think) you will go amateur then after numerous fights you will have the chance to turn pro

and far as money i think the trainers get it for you but thats in the usa so im not really sure

Your friend will be in the weight class of either SuperMiddleWeight or LightHeavyWeight

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