"Dream Bout" Henry Armstrong vs Ray Leonard - 15 rds at 147 -Who wins?



leonard 15 rd ud.he would have been to storng for armstrong.

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Armstrong is in my top ten for best ever boxer but this would be a great evenly matched fight. I have to stick with Armstrong even at the higher weight. Armstrong by decision.

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This is an excellent matchup Smitty! Armstrong's power in this bout would not be as prevelant as Leonard is the naturally larger fighter. Armstrong is a whirlwind though as far as throwing punches and in this bout it would be no different. Leonard has fast hands and outstanding boxing ability. I can see this bout going back and forth as far as momentum goes with each man landing a lot of punches. I n a close bout I will say that Armstrong wins by split decision with a rematch being demanded by the public. Good question sir!

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This would be a great fight Armstrong is one of my top 5 fighters of all times I see Armstrong winning this fight by a close decision Armstrong would not stop coming in and we know how Leonard looked in the first Duran fight it would be the same thing in the rematch Leonard wins by decision

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