"Dream bout" Vitali vs. Maskaev who wins?


How far is it that de la hoya outboxes floyd jr?

Vitali has been off for two years. How much does he really want to do this any more? Maskaev is improving with each fight. Vitali by decision but this is going to be a closer fight than people think.

Who wins between manny pacquiao and jorge solis?

We're going to find it out in April 21 in Moscow. These two will fight for the heavyweight championships.

I love boxrec, but who in the firey Hell is Chad Dawson? He has fought no one major (unless you count Harding)

I think vitali wins. Maskaev is not that good. Vitali has a chance to take the division over. In my opinion he never lost the belt. Also he was beating lennox lewis when they stopped that fight.

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