Am I making the right decision?

The other day my son came to me with a flyer about this boxing show that is supposed to encourage people to solve their problems with boxing instead of gun violence. My son has been really trying to allow me to let him go on this show due to "issues" he has had and still have in the area. Long story short, I finally gave in and said yes, but I'm not sure if I made the right decision. I went onto their website ("") and checked out what their about, but I'm still a little torn with my decision. Did I make the right choice?


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Yes if you think that your child is capable of doing it.

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I disagree with that whole philosophy. I don't thinks that encouraging aggression is a way to curb violence. if fact, it promotes it. I think a different sport would be a better way for your son to sublimate. I think you gave in out of the pressure to be popular with him. You clearly don't have the upper hand here. If he had to convince you, then he obviously did not respect your first answer. Your giving in, taught him that he can get whatever he wants, so long as he keeps wearing someone down. What will you do when he beats someone up or rapes someone?

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I absolutely agree with you as a Father myself!! These days with all the BS and stuff the kids are exposed to its a value building self esteem and manhood development that will prepare him for the years of things to come! Sometimes you have to box other times you can reason but at least he will have the mental and physical ability to deal with it!! You cant fight his battles for him even though you want to.its all about becoming a Man!

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You didn't do too badly, but I think your time would be better spent teaching your kid how to shoot straight.

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YOu made the right choice. His hormones are a reality, and getting his energy channeled in a way that requires discipline and gives him an acceptable outlet is better than ignoring that reality and hoping he'll get into stamp collecting (or whatever) or letting his hormones go unchecked.

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