1990 Pernell Whitaker vs. 1979 Roberto Duran @ Lightweight?

Question:Who do you think would win this fight?

One hell of a fight. I truly think Duran is one of the greatest fighters of all time in the late 1970's, but I also think a prime non crack addict Pernell Whitaker would give him FITS.

I'm going to get flamed and go with Whitaker to win a very unpopular decision.


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Who named their kid pernell? That's just mean! :) Mornin kermie! So you're into boxing I take it!

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I think Duran would win. He had hands of stone

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I never liked Duran,but I think he would have gotten to Whitaker at some point in the fight.

I wouldn't be shocked to see Whitaker win a boring fight.

I think Duran was the best light weight ever.

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Very tough call. Pernell was one of the slickest fighters ever and Duran was an animal at lightweight. As hard as Pernell was to hit he fought in an era when there weren't many great lightweights. He never fought Camacho or Bramble in their primes, Rosario who could bang with the best of em, and by the time he got to Chavez, he was already on his way down, eveidenced by his loss a few months later to Frankie Randall. Nevertheless, he was very slippery. Duran was, like I said, an animal at lightweight and would have brought into the ring many advantages over Pernell, height, size, strength, punching power, ferocity, and an underrated defense. I see this fight boring at times with Sweet Pea making Duran miss and making Duran angrier as the fight went along. Aside from Duran-Leonard II, Duran usually stepped it up for those kinds of fights i.e Esteban DeJesus (second fight), Ray Lampkin..so, trailing after 12 I see Duran coming on strong to hurt Pernell badly in rds. 14-15 and closing strong to win a close 15 round decision (I always see these imaginary fights always scheduled for 15 because we can do anything we want and those last 3 rounds often made a difference back then).

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How the hell did mike tyson become the youngest ever champion and hump so many lasses at the same time?

Whittaker was slick---Duran was a monster.
Duran could hit a speed bag with his head.
Duran by knockout.
Aaron Pryor and/or Wilfredo Benitez and/or Salvador Sanchez deserve a mention---Sanchez unified the title beating the undefeated Gomez in the slickest exhibition of beating a brawler that I've ever seen, then was killed in a car wreck. Aaron Pryor was just impossible, switch from right-handed to left handed, cirrcle left, right, crouch, stand upright, hit to the body and head, and could punch hard and could absorb a hard punch. In his short prime, Aaron Pryor was the best fighter I ever saw. He fought lightweight and junior welter, and Ray Leonard avoided him like the plague.


This is Whitaker/Chavez all over again. Same result.

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At lightweight, I believe that Duran was the very best ever. Whitaker would have been a very good fight for him as he is a very slick and clever fighter. Duran's aggressiveness would be the difference and don't forget, Duran was a pretty clever fighter himself with tremendous power at this weight. Whitaker would have been on his bicycle all night trying to avoid Duran. Roberto wins a relatively close decision in this fight.

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Whitaker in my opinion was the best LW ever, and had the style to give Duran fits. Duran is capable of winning, but if I had to choose one, it would be Whitaker.

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