3-time world heavy wt.boxing champ?


If Valuev VS Wladimir Klitschko, who would win?

Muhammed Ali and Evander Holyfield

Who would win in a fight - miles davis vs herbie hancock?

Ya but whats your qeustion??

Who showed you the ropes when you boxed first ?

Muhammad Ali was the first to hold the heavyweight title three separate times.

Will Joe Louis' 11+ years record of holding the title ever be broken?

Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield

Please give me the address of Muhammed Ali, (Former World Heavy-weight Boxing Champion: "The Greatest")

Muhammed Ali

How many times did Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight?And the outcome,please.?

There were only two men to hold a portion of the world heavyweight championship thrice. One was Muhammad Ali and the other one was Evander Holyfield. Evander, technically, is now a 4-time world heavyweight champion after defeating John Ruiz once in the most boring trilogy of all time. Holyfield has also declared that he will try to win the heavyweight title a record five times(even if he's the only one in history to hold it 4 times.)

What should I wear to go see boxing championships? Any suggestions?

Muhammed Ali..

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