"Dream Bout" Ernie Shavers vs v. klitschko - 15 rds Who wins?


Mohammed ali or rocky marciano who'd win?

Let me start of by saying that both men have tremendous power and an excellent knockout ratio. Shavers, however, can take punches better than Vitali. I don't see this going over 8 rounds. I wouldn't be surprised to see both men hitting the canvass before Ernie closes the show via TKO.

Lgt Heavy match. Billy Conn vs Bob Foster. Who wins?

I reckon the Klitschko wins dee fight.

What's the difference between a jab and a cross?

Shavers knocks him out early

What punch to use to knock out a guy that's taller?

Could go either way as both men could really swat.
Probably Klitschko by KO because of height, reach and better chin.

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