"Dream Bout" "Razor" Ruddock vs oleg maskaev - 15 rds Who wins?


I know styles make fights, is there a fighter in any era who would have beat Ali consistantly?

i think ruddock would ko maskaev. ruddock was a pretty good fighter whereas maskaev is a pretty much a B fighter.

Antonio Tarver may fight on ABC, is this what boxing could use, some fights on free tv?

Razor Ruddock will win via 12-round majority decision.

Exactly what time does the De La Hoya Mayweather fight start?

I reckon the white man maskaev wins da bout

Boxing question...?

Ruddock by decision

Tiger Flowers vs Kid Gavilan. Who wins?

Razor ruddock was a bum that mike tyson either carried or just plain lost his edge at the time. I think tyson carried him cause he was one of kings boys and tyson was on his way to prison. So don needed the top heavyweight while tyson was gone. The only thing though was ruddock didnt listen to king and fought lennox lewis when king told him not to. Result was a KO in the first minute of the fight.

Who will win the fight between mayweather and delahoya ?

razor in9

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