Al Berstein or Jim Lampley?

Who's the better boxing commentator in your opinion? My friend and i have a little wager on this.


Charley Burley vs Mickey Walker. Who wins?

Bernstein has been very consistent over the years. Lampley has become extremely pompous, in addition to being very biased for HBO fighters. His commentary is seconds too slow, sometimes completely wrong and usually one-sided. I prefer ESPN's Joe Tessitore. He has a great voice and passion for the game. He is also very knowledgable and objective.

Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Muhammad Ali?

Bernstein. Lampley is a pompous rear.

How much is pay per view on Pacquiao's fight and ho do I get it? I have comcast?

Lampley is better I remember Berstein when he got into the sport and he was the worse he did not know the difference between a right cross and a upper curt

Does anyone else think Jane Furrows is very knowledgable in boxing?

I say Lampley. He makes the fights funner to watch. I don't know why though.

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