who do u think will win the contender? i already got my race the mexican BRAVO


Is this guy dead?

I'm a big fan of Bravo too! :)

A lot of the guys this season are great. I loved the first season too! My Mexican hottie was Alfonso. I can just eat him up!

Hagler vs La Motta. Who wins?

i like Balleto to win but i don't think he will.
Forbes or grady will take it

Stanley Ketchel vs Bobo Olson. Who wins?

I like Steve Forbes, also - he was HURT in his fight with Acevedo and he pulled out a victory - hes a ring veteran and nobody can beat him in this competition

Who is jeff lacy and what is he known for?

I fancy a Forbes Vs Bravo final they both look like they have got plenty of heart. I think Forbes might just take it on a decision though he looks to have slightly more boxing skills than Bravo who looks to be a real brawler, should be a great fight though if it does work out this way.

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